About Us

Who We Are

We specialize in real estate development: we design, invest, build, sell, lease and manage. We are engaged in developing real estate with a specific purpose, we select a country, region and infrastructure, creating a suitable atmosphere.

Our Projects

Projects we have been working on in the last several years: residential complexes New City and Country in Obninsk (800,000 m2), an industrial and logistics center (85,000 m2) and an oil processing plant (18,000 m2) in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the multi-storey apartment block Anesis Wellness Residences and the Business Center WAYWIN PLAZA located in the most prestigious areas of Limassol, in the Republic of Cyprus (8,000 m2).

Our Priorities

We invest in the construction of office and shopping centers, residential complexes, warehouse terminals, deep restructuring of territories. We make each project commercially effective and come up with the best ways of developing and using both territory and property.

Our Development

The portfolio of the company BG WAYWIN DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED includes a sufficient number of projects that give an idea of the level and quality of construction. Among them there are real estate objects for different purposes — from office environments, logistics centers and factories to business class residential complexes. Each construction project of the company is architecturally unique — it is specifically designed for our customers and a contribution to the formation of a new appearance of business infrastructure. Our company offers advanced construction technologies, high quality of developed property, effectiveness of infrastructure and reliability of investment.

We invite you to take part in our business as buyers or leaseholders of real estate. We are looking forward to collaboration!

Our History

BG WAYWIN DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED is a diversified investment and construction company that has been successfully implementing large-scale and unique development projects for two decades. The geography of construction impresses with its scope, and the portfolio of projects includes more than 60 excellent cases. Today the company carries out developing projects in Cyprus, Russia and Kazakhstan, and our own technical department consisting of 25 professional construction engineers, cost engineers, architects and designers allows us to remain in demand in a highly competitive market.

BG WAYWIN DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED is rightfully considered a guarantee of high quality, reliable time frames and perfect after-sales service.

Our Values, Style and Collaboration:

BG WAYWIN DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED chooses only exclusive plots of land and projects for construction of residential and commercial real estate in Cyprus.

The main principle of BG WAYWIN DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED is to be the first and work ahead of time. We create trends and offer new solutions. Orientation towards innovation and world experience have allowed us to set the bar high in the construction industry for more than two decades.